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Calcium Is Needed for Strong Bones

Posted on July 20

Calcium is essential for maintaining the necessary level of bone mass to support the structures of the body. The body is constantly using calcium for the heart, blood, muscles and nerves. Calcium is also lost through normal bodily processes such as waste and the shedding of hair, fingernails, sweat and skin.

Chiropractic Adjustment of the Cervical Spine (Neck) Video

Posted on November 14

Cervical spine manipulations are commonly performed in the supine position and interfallangial is placed over the articulating pillar of the affected joint.

What Causes Hand Pain and Numbness?

Posted on November 11

Everyone has had pain in the hand, whether it’s just from a bump or perhaps overuse. However, if hand pain persists or is accompanied by tingling, numbness, or weakness that interferes with important daily tasks, such as gripping items or typing on a keyboard, then an underlying medical condition might exist.

The ABCs of Good Posture

Posted on November 09

As an orthopedic spine specialist, I can tell you that your posture is essential to your health. Good posture helps reduce back and neck pain, minimizes your chances of needing spine surgery, and enables you to live an active lifestyle.

Low-Impact Aerobic Exercise

Posted on November 07

Along with specific back exercises, aerobic exercise that increases the heart rate for a sustained period is very beneficial for helping back problems.

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