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Depression and Chronic Back Pain

Posted on June 02
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Depression is by far the most common emotion associated with chronic back pain. The type of depression that often accompanies chronic pain is referred to as major depression or clinical depression. This type of depression goes beyond what would be considered normal sadness or feeling "down for a few days".

How Discs Become Painful

Posted on May 20

Each spinal disc is a unique and well-designed structure in the spine. It is strong enough to resist terrific forces in multiple different planes of motion, yet it is still highly mobile and permits motion in multiple directions.

The disc has several functions, including acting as a shock absorber between the boney vertebral bodies.

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Posted on January 22

Perhaps more than any other supplement, there is generally universal agreement between dieticians, nutritionists, allopathetic and alternative providers regarding the health benefits of Omega-3 fish oil. One aspect of this consensus is the prevalence and overabundance of Omega-6 fats in the American diet. Omega-6 fats are prevalent in corn-based products, especially corn oil, but are also found in soybean oil, safflower oil, and sunflower oil.

Appreciating the prevalence of back pain

Posted on January 22

This week’s health tip is about appreciating the prevalence of back pain and the importance of taking care of your spine, just like any other essential organ within the body. Here are some interesting facts about back pain:

#1 Exercise: Walking

Posted on January 22

The number one exercise I recommend to everyone is walking!  Walking is great for the cardiovascular system, is weight bearing for bone health, and is wonderful for rehabilitating spinal conditions.    Locomotion is an essential human activity and is very therapeutic for the mind, body, and spirit.  With the proliferation of fitness technology today, such as “Fitbit” and pedometers, 10,000 steps per day should be an observable goal.  You will lose weight and potentially add years to your health! 

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