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3 Little-Known Tips for Sleeping with Sciatica

Posted on November 04

Sciatica symptoms don’t take time off to accommodate your sleep schedule. The burning sensation in your calf or throbbing pain in your foot can jolt you awake at any hour—if you’re lucky enough to fall asleep.

5 Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy and Happy

Posted on November 02

Whether it's a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or strained muscles, it can take some time to diagnose and treat the causes of back pain. And all the while, you're trying to navigate health insurance, work and family life, and everyday stressors—all while dealing with your back pain.

The Latest Cause of Neck Pain: Pokémon Go

Posted on October 31

Pokémon Go is everywhere—this smartphone game is so popular that people are pouring out onto the streets and into their neighborhoods for hours on end while trying to "catch 'em all."

Bed Rest Is Not the Best for Beating Back Pain

Posted on October 28

When you are experiencing low back pain, your first instinct may be to crawl into bed. Until a few decades ago, you doctor probably would have told you to do exactly that.

4 Tips to Help Cope With Chronic Pain and Depression

Posted on October 26

Depression plays a significant role in chronic pain—taking just a few steps to get ahead of it can help patients appreciably by giving them more control over their personal situation.

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