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Traction Therapy

Traction is one of the more commonly used and beneficial treatments available at Downs Chiropractic.

The primary benefit of traction is that of decompression, whereby disc and joint structures are often adversely affected by the ill effects of gravity causing compression on the spinal column in a weight-bearing position. Herniated discs most commonly are addressed with traction protocols. We have two traction tables available, one specifically for lumbar traction, and one specifically for cervical traction. The degree of decompressive force can be modified according to the patient's weight and condition, and the treatment is typically comfortable and very therapeutic for addressing disc herniations/pinched nerve conditions. Traction treatments are routinely conducted utilizing intermittent mechanical traction for a ten-minute period, and this is done above and beyond any other chiropractic techniques. The combination of traction and chiropractic can be a very useful therapeutic approach to addressing disc abnormalities in particular. Spinal stenosis will also respond well to a traction approach.

Additional Info

  • Used to Treat: Stenosis, Disc herniations, Back pain, Neck pain, Sciatica, Arthritis, Stiffness