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Hands On Chiropractic Adjusting

Like dialects within a language, there are a multitude of various chiropractic techniques utilized throughout the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Downs predominantly utilizes diversified technique which is a mainstream form of manual manipulation practiced by the majority of chiropractors throughout the world. This technique incorporates static and motion analysis of the spinal segments followed by traditional adjustment of dyskinetic or “subluxated” regions. This cornerstone of chiropractic methodology has proven very successful over the years for a plethora of conditions, and can be supplemented with massage, traction, and a host of other modalities.

Obviously, it is helpful to have a variety of treatment options available to suit the different types of patients and conditions encountered. Other available techniques include:
● Sacro-Occipital Technique Blocking
● Cox Technique/Flexion Distraction
● Activator Methods (utilized when manual manipulation is contraindicated)

Additional Info

  • Used to Treat: Spinal pain, Arthritis, Restricted mobility, Joint dysfunction, Extremity pain, Sciatica, Stenosis, Disc herniations