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Testimonial - Danielle B.

My first recollection of feeling severe aching pains in my calves occurred while running, at a practice for my high school soccer team. I honestly thought nothing of it and said to myself, "Everyone's legs must hurt them this bad when they are working out." It wasn't until reached junior year of college when my Athletic Trainer felt my calves during a rugby practice and asked me why they were so tight and felt "rock solid."

When I explained that my legs cramp up and that I sometimes experience tingling sensations into my feet after running short distances or walking up hills or stairs, she immediately advised me to see an Orthopedist. After performing compartment pressure testing, it was decided that I had borderline chronic exertional compartment syndrome. After giving physical therapy a try, I decided to explore other options besides surgery because PT did not give me the complete "cure" I was looking for. I had spoken to a physical therapist about dry needling, and found out about Dr. Downs' practice from a friend I go to school with. After four treatments of dry needling, my symptoms have improved dramatically. I am able to run farther and longer before onset of symptoms, as well as participate in more high impact activities. Not only have I noticed improvements in functionality and mobility, but I have also seen an improvement anatomically. My calves, now, feel much softer and less tight. As a physical therapy student myself, I believe that my quality of life has improved significantly and recommend anyone experiencing similar symptoms to try dry needling.

-Danielle Burkart, SPT